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Dairy products are a nutritional  reasure because of their quality, nutritional value, but also their culinary excellence. Food safety is the most important component in the products’ quality and therefore for the company consumer’s health is non-negotiable.

Gusto Dairy applies a fully safety management system of food that complies with the requirements of standard ISO 22000, IFS and BRC.

Furthermore and within the context of its international expansion, the company provides with Halal as well as Kosher certificate. These two religious certificates ensure that our products have been produced with respect to the special needs and preferences for each consumer. Moreover, these certificates act as a strong catalyst in the company’s exporting profile as they ease its access to markets with special quality characteristics. Therefore it clearly states the company’s effort to listen, understand and service with respect and strong focus on the special consumers’ needs. In addition, the Vegan series has been certified by the British Vegan Sociaty.